NEON Lenoire Landing

NEON Lenoire Landing

Milender White erected a 149-ft guyed scientific data collection tower and instrument hut deep within the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge in southwest Alabama. Building the ecological data gathering facility in the dense forest wetlands during spring flooding presented formidable challenges. Due to the high water tables and sensitive environmental landscape, utilizing Chance Helical Anchors was a perfect candidate to support the guy anchors for the proposed tower. Pair Foundation Solutions was contracted to install Chance Helical Anchors to support guy wires requiring 160 kip each. This resulted in each guy wire receiving 2 Chance SS175 Helical Anchors installed to 80 kip with an 8″-10″-12″-14″ helix configuration to a target torque of 8,000 ft-lbs. All four anchors were installed on a 41 degree batter above horizontal and terminated with a dywidag bar adapter and fan plate. Tension load testing was also performed to ensure adequate design criteria.


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