Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair


Pair Foundation Solutions provides foundation repair solutions with the industry’s most trusted CHANCE® and ATLAS™ brands. Ideal for new construction or remedial repair, CHANCE Helical Piles provide an engineered solution with the industry leading products. We also offer ATLAS Resistance Piers, designed to restore and/or stabilize homes that have been subject to settlement due to various soil related problems.

Certified CHANCE® Installers have extensive deep foundation knowledge providing you with quality workmanship that you can depend on. Your home’s safety is our top priority, which is why our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Foundation Repair begins with CHANCE Helical Piles carefully installed at specific locations along load bearing walls and columns. CHANCE Helical Piles are designed to support, stabilize, and lift areas of a foundation that have failed.

Designed to be independent of the structure, piles are installed deep into stable bearing soils until the required load bearing capacity is reached. Helical piles are mounted to the foundation base securing the structure.

Advantages of CHANCE Helical Piles:

Foundation Restoration with ATLAS Resistance Piers ATLAS Resistance Piers can prevent further settlement of a home by stabilizing the foundation. Homes can be nearly restored to their original positions, fixing structural defects such as cracks and deformities caused by the shifting of the foundation. Because Certified CHANCE Installers provide solutions that are both permanent and economically advantageous, homes recover their value.

The ATLAS Resistance Pier system is a two-stage installation method. First, a foundation repair bracket is attached to the base of the foundation. Next, steel pipe piers are driven deep into stable bearing soils, until dense bearing strata or rock is reached. Once all of the piers are installed, the foundation is hydraulically lifted to support the foundation and restore the settlement. Like the CHANCE Helical Pile system, each of the piers installed along the bearing walls and columns are tested to measure the Factor of Safety of each pier and ensure the quality of the repair.

Advantages of Atlas Resistance Piers

Working with the network that established the groundwork for the foundation repair industry makes finding the answers to your foundation problem easy. CHANCE products began stabilizing foundations in 1912, and continue to lead the helical pile industry, constantly improving and inventing products to meet the needs of its customers.


How To Repair A Settling Foundation

Foundation settling can be a major headache for homeowners, and comes with a host of issues, such as uneven floors or even rotating chimneys. However, there are solutions to this sticky situation.

Helical piles – Helical piles are a great way to fix issues related to foundation settling. When installing helical piles, however, the pile does not have to reach rock surface to bear the load. Instead, helical piles screw into the earth until they reach stable load bearing soil. Foundation repair brackets are then placed on top of the piers and are bolted to the concrete foundation of your home.

Resistance/push piers – Resistance piers, also known as push piers, are a common repair method for foundation settling. With this method, a steel pier is driven into soil strata or down to rock. Then, hydraulic jacks are used to lift the home onto the piers. The jacks make sure that one pier isn’t overloaded during the lift, and that the house settles firmly atop the piers. Push piers can potentially raise your home back to its original level.

Foundation damage can be wearing, but thankfully, there are several common foundation repair methods that will get your house stable and safe in no time.