Commercial New Construction Plies


The A.B. CHANCE Helical Pier Foundation Systems are a very effective solution for building where fill areas, expansive soils, high water tables, and other areas where unstable soils require added support. CHANCE is the only company with a pre-engineered and manufactured underpinning system assessed and confirmed by all of the national building code agencies.

  • BOCA Report # 94-27
  • ICBO Report # ER5110
  • SBCCI Report # 9504

CHANCE® Helical Piles offer the performance of concrete without the high mobilization costs and liabilities of driven or auger-cast piles and drilled shafts. The Helical Pile method is a time-saving and cost-effective deep foundation solution that uses instant torque-to-capacity feedback as a built-in means of quality control. Pair Foundation Solutions offers this service in order to prevent the likely chance of structural settlement in these soil conditions.