Floor Slab Repair


Cracks in the interior slab of your house are a common occurrence and should be evaluated to determine if the issue needs to be addressed.

Due to the curing process of concrete, “hairline” cracks can develop as it shrinks and hardens. These cracks typically do not exceed an 1/8 of an inch and do not need to be of concern. On the other hand, cracks that exceed this dimension can be a sign of a settling floor slab and needs to be addressed promptly. Because of poor compaction of sub level soils or leaking drainage pipes, settlement can occur to a degree that can cause substantial structural damage to your home. Pair Foundation Solutions can offer a solution to this problem using A.B. Chance helical piers to transfer the weight of the slab off of the problem soils. This is a very controlled and effective process that eliminates the costly alternative to replace the floor.

Interior Slab Bracket (ISB) for Interior Slab Remediation

Save time and money with the CHANCE® Interior Slab Bracket from Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. The multi-arm slab bracket is designed to assist in the reduction of piles required for slab-on-grade foundation remediation and to provide pile location flexibility. When used in conjunction with the patented CHANCE Combination (SS-RS) Combo Pile, the ISB can result in overall lower project costs while maintaining the desired load requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Low cost repair option versus demolition and slab replacement
  • Optimal load distribution reduces the number of piles per standard industry methods
  • Less project piles equals reduced excavation
  • Material and labor savings
  • Bracket placement flexibility avoids expensive interior finishes
  • Load capacity ratings: 57 kip Ultimate / 28 kip working
  • Designed for on grade applications and interior slab remediation
  • Option versus demolition and slab replacement
  • Your competitive edge – Optimal load disbursement reduces the number of piles required on a remediation project as compared to available industry methods
  • Bracket placement flexibility to avoid disruption of expensive interior finishes [i.e. high end kitchens, tile work, etc.]