A failing foundation can create major concerns for a homeowner.

A failing foundation can create major concerns for a homeowner.

Roughly, 250,000 homeowners encounter this issue annually and are forced to repair the foundation of their home. The foundation of a home is exposed to all of the elements of the environment. Usually, the problems originate in the soils your home is built upon. Often, the problems are related to how adjacent landscaping has been designed and how water drainage has been addressed. The longer your foundation shows indications of damage or loss of stability; the greater the need for repair. This could result in a more costly repair in the future.

Noticeable signs that your home is in need of foundational repair may include:

When the soil your home is built upon begins to fail, how do you prevent your home from continuing the settling process?

The answer is in selecting the best product and the right foundation specialist to repair and stabilize your foundation. When you work with a Pair Foundation Solutions, you’ll enjoy peace of mind – that unique feeling of consumer confidence that comes when you know that the job will be done right – the first time. You can also rest assured that we will offer you with a reliable, engineering based solution that represents honest value for your investment.

Our solution to foundation repair is backed by Hubbell Power Systems. Hubbell, a multi-billion dollar company, has delivered earth anchoring and piling systems for over 100 years and has established brands such as A.B. CHANCE and ATLAS Resistance Piers that are recognized worldwide in the foundation repair industry. We are proud to be one of 400 contractors who offer these brands as a solution to your foundation repair needs.