Oxbow Meadows - Pair Foundation Solutions in Columbus, GA


Pair Foundation Solutions provided concrete foundations for various elements of walkway structure to include tower platforms (4ea) and related guy wire(s) anchorage. Each platform received 3  A.B. Chance helical piers along with 16 guy wire anchors for a total of 28 piles. Suspension bridge walkway went from tower to tower. Location of the walkway system was in close proximity to bank of swamp with standing water backed up from Chattahoochee River. In addition to poor access, inadequate soil conditions were present due to the fact of a old landfill being in the area. Due to this extreme site and soil conditions it was found necessary to install Chance helical piers for guaranteed support of tower foundations and guy wire anchorage. Compression piles were designed by a structural engineer to be installed to 40 kips ultimate capacity. Tensions piles for guy wires were designed to be installed to 35 kips ultimate capacity. Chance material used for new footings included SS150 – 1 1/2” square shaft with 10-12 inch leads and various lengths of RS2875.203 extensions to bear on competent soil at depth. Terminated with  12 10” sq. new construction plates for concrete pile cap. Sono- Tube columns were poured on top of the Chance piles at a desired grade to receive the tower legs. Guy anchors were installed using SS5 with a 10-12 inch helices followed by SS5 extensions. These anchors were terminated with 10″x10″x3/4″ new construction pile caps. This structure is used today and receives 1000s of tourist annually.

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