“Recently, during a routine termite inspection, several cracks in the foundation of my dental office were found as well as cracks in the mortar around several areas of brick on the same side. We also noticed that an exterior basement door had become increasingly difficult to open and close. Having known about Pair Construction’s good reputation for some time, I called them to come out and look at the problem. They immediately determined that my building had and that if not corrected, the settling would continue with potentially serious consequences. Just one week later, they had placed six helical piers under the footing on the side of the building that had settled- each pier to a depth of 19 ft! The affected brick was expertly removed and replaced with new mortar and perfectly matches the existing brick. None of the landscaping was damaged and all of the sprinkler heads that had to be temporarily removed were all put back in place after the job was complete. Finally, it was determined that other than bad soil, an additional cause of the settling was a steady flow of water from the front to the back of the building. Pair Construction removed the old, non-functional, French drain and dug a new one to the proper depth adjacent to the building that would properly re-route the flow of water away from the repaired foundation. Amazingly, in order to spare tearing out the brick rear entry steps to the office, they were able to dig under the foundation, through the basement, and route the drain out the other side. They replanted all the sod that had to be taken up, replaced a span of concrete sidewalk that had to be removed, and left the rear parking lot and curb and gutter undamaged all while solving the problem with which they were tasked. Our basement is completely dry and our building is on a solid foundation, at a reasonable cost, thanks to Pair Construction. I can whole-heartedly recommend them for any foundation, structural, or waterproofing needs that one may have.”

Richard Straus DMD Columbus, GA