“Pair Foundation Solutions did an excellent job of raising and stabilizing the foundation on my workshop which had been sinking. The original construction of the workshop had placed one corner on an old ditch which did not have adequate fill and also was subjected to storm water causing the fill to wash away. The slab inside had cracked and a portion had settled down. They raised the slab and stabilized it also.

Pair foundation developed a plan to solve my problems and they took time to make sure that the work they were doing was done properly, therefore, correctly stabilizing the foundation. They also re-directed the the ditch so that storm water goes away from my foundation.

Two years ago I had a similar issue with the foundation on my house and I hired a larger foundation repair company out of Alabama to raise that foundation. I was not pleased with their workmanship and the results. That is why this time I looked for another company to do my workshop repairs and I found Pair Foundation Solutions. I wish that I had found them two years ago to do my house repairs !

I would highly recommend Pair Foundation Solutions to anyone who is issues with the foundation and floor slabs.”

Mike Fogg Lagrange, GA