“We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work your team did on our home. We have lived with an eye sore stair step crack and an ever increasing shift in our brick veneer for 10+ years.

We have tried numerous ways during that time to find the cause before attempting to cure it, to include starting then stopping the installation of French drains, having a large tree cut down, and having the city investigate the storm lines running under that side of our home. I’ve always thought it would be enormously expensive to have it corrected once we found the culprit.

Before contacting you, we did some checking around for a good foundation specialist. We called you because of the good things some of our friends and neighbors had to say about you, one of which was “Pair is the ONLY company I would let touch my home”. You were able to diagnose the issue when you first came out in November.

Your team has been very professional, shown up on time, encountered unforeseen obstacles, and still completed the job in the time frame you gave us prior to starting. Oh yeah, and your price was a lot better than I ever imagined! I’m only sorry we didn’t contact you a few years earlier…..

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally have it corrected and looking normal…. normal is good!

Thank you gain to you and your team.”

Leianne B. Brubaker Columbus, GA