Design Resources

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HeliCap Software
The HeliCAP design software is the best interactive software in the industry that helps you solve your tension and compression project requirements with helical piles, piers, or anchors.  It performs powerful calculations on your project site’s soil parameters to help you build better and faster.  Use it for designing foundations, tiebacks, soil nails, and heavy-guyed loads.  Request your complimentary copy of this design software here.
Design Manuals
The CHANCE® Technical Design Manual contains all of the information pertinent to planning and designing helical foundations and tiebacks.  Contact Pair Foundation Solutions for a complimentary copy of the Tech Manual or our Solutions Flashdrive.  You can view or download the Soil Screw Design Manual now.
View the Helical Pile Reference Guide.  View CAD drawings here and additional product information on each Product page.
CHANCE helical piles are ICC evaluated.  Read the report!
Specifications and General Notes
Learn more about Why CHANCE here.