“If issues arise regarding structural foundation repairs, the first person that we contact is Kent Pair with Pair Construction. We know that when we contact him, the project will be completed professionally, courteously, and the issues will be resolved.”

– Brent Wright, PE, President, Wright Engineering, LLC

“Pair Foundation Solutions did an excellent job of raising and stabilizing the foundation on my workshop which had been sinking. The original construction of the workshop had placed one corner on an old ditch which did not have adequate fill and also was subjected to storm water causing the fill to wash away. The slab inside had cracked and a portion had settled down. They raised the slab and stabilized it also.

Pair foundation developed a plan to solve my problems and they took time to make sure that the work they were doing was done properly, therefore, correctly stabilizing the foundation. They also re-directed the the ditch so that storm water goes away from my foundation.

Two years ago I had a similar issue with the foundation on my house and I hired a larger foundation repair company out of Alabama to raise that foundation. I was not pleased with their workmanship and the results. That is why this time I looked for another company to do my workshop repairs and I found Pair Foundation Solutions. I wish that I had found them two years ago to do my house repairs !

I would highly recommend Pair Foundation Solutions to anyone who is issues with the foundation and floor slabs.``

– Mike Fogg LaGrange, Ga.

``I am pleased to enclose my check in payment for the foundation support work your company did to my house and garage.

You have been recommended to me by a close friend and neighbor up the street for the foundation support you did on his residence. I had seen his house both before and after the work the was completed. I was very impressed with the neatness with the work done, broken bricks replaced, mortar joints tuck-pointed, and with plantings being replaced etc.

I could not be more pleased with the results with the work done, both on supporting the carport and the helical piers around the exterior garage. The garage work far exceeded my expectations and I am not going to need to replace the first course of siding for a significance savings. With the bricks that were replaced and the mortar joints redone, there is no sign of the break on the left side of the garage! When the weather permits, I do want you to proceed with the sealing of the crack in the carport floor.

As mentioned earlier, your company was highly recommended to me and I am delighted to recommend Pair Foundation Solutions as the foundation specialist!``

-Robert E. Shiflett, Columbus, Ga

``I just wanted to thank you again for the foundation work you did on my home. I know it was a particularly difficult job because as I told you, I got several estimates and every contractor talked about how unusual my situation was. One contractor politely declined the work. I want you to feel free to share this e-mail with potential customers, who are more than welcome to e-mail or call me at 706-884-1541. I will tell them you got in here, got the work done with minimal damage to my home and shrubbery, completed the work for a fair price. It is so nice to be able to open my front door again and it is so easy to lock. I appreciate the excellent work and wish you and your sons the best.``

-Bonnie Foster, LaGrange, Ga

``Pair did an absolutely perfect job on our project. We have a 675 sq. ft. lower level deck with an identical
675 sq. ft. roof covered upper level deck above it. The structure was on the verge of collapse. The concrete
footings located beneath each of the two main, 20 foot tall masonry pillars were slipping down an approximately
30 degree hillside slope.

Pair’s skilled and experienced crew was not only able to secure the structure but also return it to its
original position without incurring any damage to the masonry pillars. They communicated to us in layman
terms throughout the project, met their original estimate and left our site in good condition.``

- Bob and Barb Bomar, Alexander City, Al

``I have worked with and known Kent Pair of Pair Foundation Solutions for most of my construction management career of twenty-plus years. We have worked together to solve building movement problems on single family homes, small office buildings, and various commercial properties.
Kent has always maintained a positive and helpful attitude and worked with me to find the most practical solution to the problem at hand. He has a thorough knowledge of foundation stabilization techniques that he draws on to analyze and resolve settlement or building movement issues. Kent has always performed his work per our agreement in a professional manner and left the work-site clean and neat upon completion.
I recommend Pair Foundation Solutions to anyone who is experiencing settling or building movement challenges.``

– Bill Green, Vice President, Construction Services W.C. Bradley Co.

``Approximately 2 weeks ago we discovered a leak in our lower level bedroom following a particularly heavy rainstorm. I contacted Mr. Stephen Wilson of Professional Inspection Services, LLC and he recommended your company.

You came immediately, assessed our problem and sent people that afternoon who initiated work by removing and disposing the saturated carpet and pad in the affected room. As soon as weather allowed, your crew excavated the exterior of our house and removed the old French drain which was choked with plants roots, permitting the area to dry. Final repair was hampered by persistent rainy weather, but when the weather permitted, your people returned, worked vigorously to alleviate our leakage problem, placing a fabric covered French drain at the depth of the foundation and a separate drain for roof run-off. This type of work is beyond my level of knowledge but I was very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the Pair Foundation Solutions crew and feel confident that our house is again safe and will remain dry for years to come.

I have told several friends, as well as Mr. Wilson, of my satisfaction and, if needed, they should not hesitate in contacting Pair Foundation Solutions. Your company’s service and efficiency is excellent.``

– Frank M. Doyle, Columbus, GA

``I am very pleased with the work your team has done on the foundation of my house. Your guys were very professional and courteous. They took care of my property and treated my house like it was theirs. I would definitely recommend your company to my friends and family.``

-Charles Ellis, Columbus, Ga

``Kent Pair knows the foundation business. He guarantees his work and does what he says he is going to do. He will do whatever is needed to make things right and is honest and true to his word. After all, our homes are our biggest investment. We want the best!``

– Deborah, Columbus, GA

``Thank you so much for the work you did on my house. You and your crew did an excellent job!``

– Helen, Phenix City, AL

``Thank you Pair Team for the completed work on our home. We are pleased!``

– Jennifer Oliver, Columbus, Ga

“Recently, during a routine termite inspection, several cracks in the foundation of my dental office were found as well as cracks in the mortar around several areas of brick on the same side. We also noticed that an exterior basement door had become increasingly difficult to open and close. Having known about Pair Construction’s good reputation for some time, I called them to come out and look at the problem. They immediately determined that my building had and that if not corrected, the settling would continue with potentially serious consequences. Just one week later, they had placed six helical piers under the footing on the side of the building that had settled- each pier to a depth of 19 ft! The affected brick was expertly removed and replaced with new mortar and perfectly matches the existing brick. None of the landscaping was damaged and all of the sprinkler heads that had to be temporarily removed were all put back in place after the job was complete. Finally, it was determined that other than bad soil, an additional cause of the settling was a steady flow of water from the front to the back of the building. Pair Construction removed the old, non-functional, French drain and dug a new one to the proper depth adjacent to the building that would properly re-route the flow of water away from the repaired foundation. Amazingly, in order to spare tearing out the brick rear entry steps to the office, they were able to dig under the foundation, through the basement, and route the drain out the other side. They replanted all the sod that had to be taken up, replaced a span of concrete sidewalk that had to be removed, and left the rear parking lot and curb and gutter undamaged all while solving the problem with which they were tasked. Our basement is completely dry and our building is on a solid foundation, at a reasonable cost, thanks to Pair Construction. I can whole-heartedly recommend them for any foundation, structural, or waterproofing needs that one may have.``

– Richard K. Straus, DMD, Columbus, GA

``When we first noticed foundation settlement on our home we were very worried. A friend in the building supply business referred us to Kent Pair at Pair Foundation Solutions. He said he would do a good job. We called and he responded quickly, gave us an estimate, and started work a few days later. He and his team were very courteous, efficient, and professional. We would highly recommend them to anyone. Great local family owned business.``

– The Millers, Columbus, Ga

``We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work your team did on our home. We have lived with an eye sore stair step crack and an ever increasing shift in our brick veneer for 10+ years.

We have tried numerous ways during that time to find the cause before attempting to cure it, to include starting then stopping the installation of French drains, having a large tree cut down, and having the city investigate the storm lines running under that side of our home. I’ve always thought it would be enormously expensive to have it corrected once we found the culprit.

Before contacting you, we did some checking around for a good foundation specialist. We called you because of the good things some of our friends and neighbors had to say about you, one of which was “Pair is the ONLY company I would let touch my home”. You were able to diagnose the issue when you first came out in November.

Your team has been very professional, shown up on time, encountered unforeseen obstacles, and still completed the job in the time frame you gave us prior to starting. Oh yeah, and your price was a lot better than I ever imagined! I’m only sorry we didn’t contact you a few years earlier…..

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally have it corrected and looking normal…. normal is good!

Thank you gain to you and your team.``

-Leianne B. Brubaker, Columbus, Ga